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How Do I Donate?

How to donate to the Amherst Drug Court And Therapeutic Foundation.

Who donates:

We have received donations from all segments of the population.  Some examples of the people that have chosen to become supporters are noted below.

Many past graduates have chosen to support the foundation once their lives are back on track, many have excellent professions and feel that the Drug Court was a major reason they are now successful and wish to help to ensure that others have the same opportunity they received. Family members and friends of graduates also have made donations to support the Foundation in thanks for the assistance their loved one experienced.

Members of the law enforcement and legal profession chose to support the treatment courts because they have seen that they work and save substantial tax dollars compared to the revolving door of the traditional criminal justice system. They have also witnessed the remarkable success of our graduates that many would have given up on and sent to jail time and time again.

Community business leaders have been major contributors as they are very aware of the reduction in crime in Amherst due to the tremendous partnership of the Amherst Police and the Amherst Town Court and the Therapeutic Courts specifically.

Our local government leaders that have seen how effective our Therapeutic Courts are in rebuilding our citizens from being a burden to the communities to becoming productive tax paying productive members of our local area.

Many of our current military and veterans donate in order to aid their comrades that have gone through some difficult times readjusting to civilian life and need the added support that our Veteran's Treatment Court gives to them.

Our Amherst Drug and Therapeutic Court Foundation is a registered 501(C)3 tax deductible charity.

Checks should be made out to the, "Amherst Drug Court and Therapeutic Foundation".

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To make a donation you may mail your check to:

PO Box 764
Getzville NY 14068

(716) 480-1176